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School Board Report: May 2, 2024

Board Bits  May 2,  2024

Thank you to White Rock Elementary staff who  out.  It is important that we send a signal to the district and board that we are actively monitoring and aware of their actions.  Here is a link to the board meeting video.   Remember you can find all of the powerpoint presentations linked to the school board agenda online. 

(time stamp) highlights

13 minutes:  Board came out of the first of 3 closed sessions to introduce the new Superintendent:  Erik Swanson.  FCEA welcomes him to our district.  You can meet the new Superintendent in person this Week on Wednesday May 8 at Mills from 5-6 pm or Friday May 10 at Vista from 5 - 6 pm

1:14 After the 2nd closed session, David Reid started with a statement to address concerns from last meeting including an apology to Dr. Pease

1:18 - 3:25 Public comment.  The majority of the public comment was about Mr. Reid’s comments at the last board meeting about the land acknowledgement statement.  FCEA would like to particularly commend the students who spoke - their comments were well researched, delivered with tremendous maturity and poise and a tribute to all of the hard work teachers do to educate and empower students.  FCEA would also like to thank all of our members who came out to share their opinions at a time of year, and time of night, where finding the energy to go that extra mile to represent our beliefs and support the broad community is a tough thing.  In addition to the land acknowledgement issues there were a  handful of public comments regarding the Montessori program at Natoma Station and Melanie P. spoke out about the middle school math honors classes executive summary later in the agenda.

3:30 Jeannette Sansenbach spoke up for all of us regarding the behavior of the board at the previous  meeting including those members who didn’t speak up and put a stop to things - the board has its own rules of behavior and many of them were not on display at the last board meeting.

3:34 Mitchell Middle School shared the many wonderful things happening at their site including Peter L.’s popular Advanced Media Arts class.

3:53 Sean Martin shared the final report from the Board appointed Measure M subcommittee and their recommendations.

4:52 Update on the SRO contracts.  The board did vote to approve the contracts with the City of Folsom and Sacramento Co. Sheriff.  The Board also made a point to add to the agenda next Sept/Oct a report from the SROs on their activities

5:49 The topic of continuing to use zoom for public comment during board meetings.  Costs were discussed.  The board decided to leave that option for the time being and revisit if there was a future issue with callers being inappropriate as has happened at a Rancho Cordova City Council meeting which helped prompt this discussion.

5:57 Update on the Land Acknowledgement Statement.  Dr. Koligian read a statement.  This will be back on the next board agenda following further discussion and review.

6:24 Quick Shares of executive summaries (pdf’s linked in agenda above)  (1) communication with neighborhood schools SPED model (2) Middle School Math honors program - no changes for next year (3) Update on Learning Recovery Grant (approx $13 million - started after Covid have until 2027-28 to complete expenditures)

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