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Regular Board Meeting March 7, 2024

Updated: Mar 11

Thank you to the FHS and Cordova Meadows  staff for signing up for tonight’s meeting.  It is important that we send a signal to the district and board that we are actively monitoring and aware of their actions.  Here is a link to the board meeting video.  Remember you can find all of the powerpoint presentations linked to the school board agenda online. Our schools are doing amazing work - take a few minutes to learn more about what is happening around our district.

(time stamp) Highlights:

1:05  Presentation of national board program.  Congratulations to K. Samuelson on certification and S. Swenson on renewal.  Best wishes to the 16 2023-24 candidates.

1:19 STEM and Robotics presentation.  Thank you to F. Caplan, T. Johnstone and all of the other teachers who create and support these wonderful programs and students.

2:05 Several speakers on change to FHS early release day. At this time stamp get a history of FHS lesson from L. Theis and don’t miss the “burned out bug” lesson from F. Carroll.

2:28 FCEA President’s report

2:30 Presentation from Williamson and RCE.  Don’t miss slide 14 that shares how WME is teaching their students to ROAR and the handy visual on slide 12 that illustrates RCEs COST programs and their scholars’ academy’s amazing results.

3:03 Two new principal’s were announced:  Cynthia Dunn will be joining Carl Sundahl and Kayla Yates will be bringing a lifetime of FCUSD experience to WME next year.  Congratulations to both.

3:08 Superintendent Search Firm shared the stakeholder survey results and next steps.  Applications close March 14.

3:36 Presentation of 2nd interim financials.  Tables now include raises and take out some of the unfilled positions to get a little more accurate picture of our budget and projections for the next 3 years.

3:47 Presentation:  Update on the pilot Ethnic Studies Classes.  Congratulations to C. Jackson, C. Cooper, E. Smith and all the other teachers and students who are building an amazing class.

4:26 Presentation:  Update on JROTC at CHS and discussion of bringing JROTC program to a Folsom school.

4:46 AB-70 requires Trauma Kits in new schools.  See the presentation on “Stop the Bleed” program plans which will pilot at Alder Creek next year.

5:01 SRO contracts expire in June.  Hear the discussion on various options that will be further discussed at the next Safety Committee meeting on April 3, 2024, 4:30-6:30 at ESC

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