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May 16 Board Meeting Report

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May 16, 2024

Thank you to all of the sites who signed up for a board meeting this year.  It is important that we send a signal to the district and board that we are always actively monitoring and aware of their actions and not just in times of crisis.  We’ll continue to try this next school year.  With benefits and tighter state budgets on the horizon our active presence will help make sure that our members are not overlooked when important decisions are being made.

Here is a link to the board meeting video.  Remember you can find presentations linked to the school board agenda online.  There are 2 more board meetings in June.  FCEA will be there and will report out via the blog as usual.


  • 5:20  Recognition of the service of student board members Van Merrill and Matthew Mellijor.  Matthew graduates as one of Vista del Lago’s valedictorians.  Van is finishing his junior year at Cordova High.  FCEA thanks both board members for their service and our appreciation for their thoughtful questions and input as board members.

  • 16:00  (PPT see agenda link above)  Recognition of Student Academic Accomplishments

  • 29:35  Congratulations to 7 of our FCUSD candidates/SCOE interns on completing their preliminary mild/mod support needs credentials.  Two of our interns have already served our district as IAs:  Nicole L (6+ years at CGE) and Susan R (11 yrs at Mitchell). 

  • 48.25  (PPT)  SAB Presentation:  2023-24 Recap.  SAB went from over 40 student applicants last year at the secondary schools to 60 applicants for next year.  It provides our students with a pathway to share or find their voice.  If you have attended any board meetings or listened to public comment, you have heard from our students and recognize that their input is a vital part of our district continuing to grow, improve and serve our students as they deserve.  Congratulations to next year’s student school board members:  Van Merrill (CHS) and Meena George (FHS).

  • 1:12  Welcome to new RCE principal Meghan Schooler.

  • 1:20  (PPT)  Please take the time to view this very educational recap and overview of this important issue.  Ths school board did adopt a resolution that included the land acknowledgement statement and outlined goals for further growth outlined in the powerpoint.

  • 2:20 (PPT)  Report from our Student Wellness Team.  These are 22 professionals who work in collaboration with our counselors, school psychologists and behaviorists to support our students and staff.  Mental health issues predate COVID but were further exposed and accelerated post COVID and these efforts are much needed and appreciated.

  • 2:48  Language to allow high schools to adopt the cell phone policies currently at the middle school was introduced.  The language makes it clear that high school principles can adopt the policy only after consultation with staff, students and families.  Board members tabled this proposal for now.  It will come back as an action/discussion item in late August or early September.

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