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Bargaining Meeting Report: 2/7/2024

Bargaining blog 2/7/2024

Since there were no monetary items discussed at today’s bargaining session, here are the highlights of what we covered:

  • Elementary Common Planning Time

We reviewed the results of the Elementary CPT survey. A short version of this will be presented at the School Board Meeting Feb. 15.  

  • The current Elementary CPT MOU expires this spring.  As we looked to create an amended version the following areas were addressed.

  • We worked on clarifying how sites use CPT, focusing on collaboration between administration and certificated staff to ensure that the time used efficiently at each site.

  • Some sites are more successfully implementing their collaboration time than others and some schools need some safety nets to help them along their journey.

  • Site Principal and certificated staff will jointly plan their early release calendar.  If they can’t reach consensus then they will default to

  • 1 staff 

  • 2 collaboration

  • 1 PD (with teacher input) or collaboration 

  • TK and TK-K combos were discussed

  • Dates were adjusted.

  • Teachers who lose their prep will be able to replace that time

  • Prep teachers will not be asked to make up missed prep time

  • K-2 soft start for the first 3 weeks of the school year.

  • Teachers who lose their afternoon prep during those first 3 weeks will be afforded 30 minutes of prep during their assessment time (early release). 

  • Itinerant teachers will not be making up prep during that time. 

  • Common planning for SpED preschool was also discussed.  It will need more revision and will come back in a later session.

LCAP:  FCUSD is in the process of updating LCAP goals.  This impacts how supplemental $ at sites and for our district.  If you haven’t done so already, please contribute your input/priorities via the district’s thought exchange.

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