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Update from January 10, 2024

No new decisions were made during today’s bargaining meeting with FCUSD. The Early Retirement Incentive MOU was updated to reflect the new deadline to complete HR paperwork  in order to receive the incentive,  January 19, 2024. The Secondary Special Education Division Lead job description that allows  a staff member that holds a PPS credential may apply for the Secondary Special Education Division Lead if a Credential Special Education teacher does not apply for the position was also presented.  

There was also a presentation and discussion about PLCs and Elementary CPT.  Look for a survey in the January 22 newsletter for elementary teachers to share their input with the bargaining team and executive board.


Going forward there are two major changes in our bargaining process that will hopefully prove helpful:

  1. Per last month’s board meeting, FCUSD plans to set aside 90% of any anticipated COLA in out-going years where we (FCEA) do not have a bargained settlement. This represents a good-faith effort by the District to address one of our major concerns this Fall when District budgets were approved before compensation was negotiated and settled.  

  2. In the future, FCUSD is committed to including costs and funding revenues  associated with future MOUs to help everyone make more informed decisions on new programs.

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