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Bargaining Report: April 10, 2024

Updated: Apr 19

Agreements made:

  • Special Education intern mentors - This MOU provides positions for special education teachers to mentor special education interns.

  • Modification of prep minutes for K-5 moderate and intensive special education teachers. All teachers who teach a K-5 moderate or intensive class will receive 100 minutes per week of prep, regardless of the grade span of your current class.

  • Article 15.5  Suspensions of Pupil by Teacher: additional language was added to the article to reflect current ed. Code and clarify “other methods” requirement

  • Addendum to Summer School MOU: VAPA and Expanded Learning was added to the Summer School MOU.

Other items:

  • Naming convention:  MOUs will be written for items affecting more than one site and must be board approved.  Agreements reached for a single site will be called a “side letter”.  These will be included in published contract agreements.

  • A draft defining Flex time and Advisory time was shared and discussed.  Hopefully, this provides clarification and some common vocabulary for all sites who have or are considering these tools.

  • Interested in being part of developing the new teacher evaluation process next year?  The 2024-25 school year  is our planning year for a new-look teacher evaluation process.  We must have teachers participating actively in the development process.  Look for opportunities to sign up to be on one of several subcommittees next year after our last bargaining meeting on May 8.

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