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2024-25 Calendar Survey Results - Oct. 6, 2023

Before the data, here are some answers to the questions that came up on the survey

  • There are no more voluntary/PD days after this school year. Those were 1-time monies and the MOU has expired.

  • Yes the district does have to pay us if we work 185 days instead of 184. 1-day of work is roughly 0.5% raise

  • District is conducting a "thought exchange" for parents, students, and staff. FCUSD can't implement an additional work day for us without FCEA signing off at the bargaining table.

DATA: 63% of you supported Calendar A (ski week, 185 days); 26.5% Calendar B (185 days); 10.5% wanted to stay with 184 day calendar. We asked the district to prepare a 184 day calendar based on Calendar A - you would lose the first PD (pink) day and start work on Tuesday and the October PD (pink) day would become an instructional day.

More Data: 57% of you were interested in sites having the ability to vote on a modified site inservice-teacher work day (orange & blue); 24% had no opinion and 19% wanted to stick with the contract. Based on your responses, we are crafting language that adds safeguards to make sure your rights and interests are preserved and to ensure you get your 7 hours of classroom preparation time before kids arrive for class.

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