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On behalf of the Folsom Cordova Education Association [FCEA], I welcome you to the Folsom Cordova Unified School District [FCUSD]. FCEA is the exclusive bargaining unit for all certificated, non-supervisory employees. As a new employee within this category, you are NOT automatically a member of FCEA but are a part of this bargaining unit. You are, by contract, a Fee Payer until you join the Association. This means all teachers pay the dues either way. A copy of A Contract Agreement between Folsom Unified School District and Folsom Cordova Education Association can be accessed at

I urge you to become a member of FCEA and send your completed Membership Enrollment Form to FCEA via district mail. An application and additional benefits of membership in FCEA are included in the binder. By joining FCEA/CTA/NEA you will enjoy the benefits of employment liability insurance, legal representation in employment-related matters, and be eligible for group disability insurance.

Each school site has an elected association representative. Your representative should be making contact with you. He/she can answer questions, advocate for you as needed, and represent you at the monthly FCEA Representative Council meeting (see calendar). Please take the time to meet with them and make sure your voice is heard.

We would like to help you get off to a good start in your new assignment by answering any questions you may have, or assisting with any problems that you may encounter concerning your district employment. Please do not hesitate to call me. You can reach me at 916-635-3202 or

Representation at the local level is vital to our profession. I encourage you to join the FCEA. Please complete and submit your application today and send it to FCEA via district mail.

Best wishes for success and satisfaction in your new assignment.

Sincere regards,

Angelica Miklos President

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