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This Week's Entry - August 18, 2023

Dear FCEA Community,

I hope this letter finds everyone in good spirits about there first nine days of school. I know that at some of our sites have had issues: nonexistence air conditioners, change of working conditions, bathrooms challenges, and just getting back into the swing again. As Tracy stated, the bargaining team will be starting on their path of compensation and benefits. Last year was a big ask, but "Teacher Deserve the Best!" The district hired 150+ new teachers and, we want them to stay. Better salaries, better supports, and better benefits will help our cause. Since we have so many new teachers at our sites, please reach out to them or just say "Hi, welcome to our community." I know when I first started out, a smiling face was always appreciated.

Keep up the fabulous job you all do for our students and family; therefore, celebrate the big AND small wins as you traverse this school year.

If you need us, click on our FCEA website (, fill out a Google Form, and Tracy or I will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to seeing some of you on your campus next week. Remember to mark your calendar for our first Membership Event on September 6th.

Your President

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