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Return to Stricter COVID Protocols

Dear FCUSD Team Members, As you are well aware, the latest COVID variant is quickly spreading throughout the state. In an effort to try and keep faculty, staff, and students healthy, and physically on campus, we are returning until further notice to a more restrictive environment on our campuses.

  • All meetings between adults should be held virtually (Faculty, Grade Level, Department, IEPs, etc.)

  • Adults should maintain social distancing of six feet or more at all times from students and other adults

  • Please do not congregate in areas such as the copy room, staff lounge, etc.

  • Please do not eat together

  • Please wear your masks appropriately

  • Wash your hands frequently

Our hope is that this is a temporary spike and that cases will drop in the near future, allowing us to return to a less restrictive campus environment. Kind regards, Angelica Miklos President

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