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Regular School Board Meeting: January 18, 2024

Updated: Jan 22

Thank you to members from Vista and Oak Chan who were in attendance tonight.  Link to video.  

Here are the times for some of the highlights:

  • 1:06  Fall Sports Recognition.  Congratulations to the teams, individual students, coaches and families.

  • 1:37  Vista counselors: K. Kleinle, A. McHenry, and D. Burns

  • 1:42  Multiple speakers from the Native American Parent Advisory Committee (NAPAC) advocating to bring a  Native American Indian Education Program to FCUSD with funding available through Title VI

  • 2:46  President Sansenbach’s speech

  • 2:56  Board approved the make up and goals of a subcommittee re. SFID 3

  • 3:08  Planning for the next Superintendent Search with the consultants

  • Note this will be continued Saturday Jan 20 at the in person only special board meeting

  • 4:12 Presentation on the many accomplishments of our community schools during the first half of the year

  • 4:48  Principal Cadenhead presented the history and practice of FHS bell schedule and 0 period

  • 5:15  Follow up on the concerns raised by Vista students have brought during previous board meetings public comments sessions

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