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Compensation Update Bargaining 7/13/22

URGENT MESSAGE, MUST READ! Dear Members, The District contacted FCEA to set up a meeting in order to counter FCEA's last offer of 6/16/22. On the afternoon of 7/13/22 FCEA met with FCUSD to receive FCUSD's Counter Offer. The District did not move on their original offer of 6.56% increase to the on-going salary schedule. Instead of meeting FCEA's proposed 8% increase, the District presented nickel and dime increases to special groups of educators such as those who work in Title I schools and those who will reach 23 years of service and beyond. FCUSD is not helping students by increasing the adult to student ratio or providing additional support for students of the Title I schools, but offer to decrease Title I monies to students by offering 1% to their teachers. The amount is $450-$1000/teacher before taxes and does not give STRS credit. As for other parts of the FCUSD offer, the 2% increase at the end of the pay scale (moves Step 24 to Step 23) makes the district more comparable to other districts at one point in the salary schedule, those at the bottom and other points of the salary schedule will still be last in comparison. FCUSD is deceptive, they should offer it to all parts of the scale for equity. The offer of $100/family for medical benefits does not meet the cost of increases to the 2022/23 school year alone. With an additional 3% stipend to Special Education (Ranges from $1491-$3003 depending on where you are in the salary schedule) it will take 23 years of service with the maximum amount of unit credits to earn the top stipend. Teachers will continue to leave for neighboring district's signing bonuses and ongoing compensation. In addition, 2% one-time money for the extra work done in Independent Study alone does not cover extra duties and time spent. To give some teachers more than others for doing the same jobs is not equitable. Lastly, to consider Professional Development (PD) part of the compensation package by offering members to work is disingenuous. Anyone working extra days should be charged to the general budget as the cost of doing business. If FCUSD takes the educator away from the classroom for PD, the result is in the loss of student learning. This pay does not increase educators salaries toward retirement, if the district wants to count as compensation, increase the work year so it is reported to STRS. The District is not addressing the problem of losing teachers with the offer of separating teachers with minimal stipends (which do not count toward STRS retirement). The action attempts to divide the membership. FCEA will continue to fall short in local and similar district comparisons. The California Education Budget offers approximately 13% additional ongoing revenue to the LCFF budget with close to $31 M in one-time funding sources. This does not include the rollover unrestricted dollars from the 2021/22 school year. FCUSD has the revenue to make educators a priority. The Sacramento Bee reported the area's top five district Superintendent's salaries and Dr. Koligian made $60 K less than the others. The School Board voted to give her the same compensation as comparable local districts and give her the COLA district educators received too. Why are educators fighting for the right to receive comparable salaries? Does this action show how valued district educators are currently? Until the District values and respects educators with equitable, comparable compensation packages, educators will continue to leave the District seeking employment in local districts. All members, please join FCEA for pizza at 5:30 PM at the School Board meeting on August 11th to voice your concern over a fair compensation package, which will attract and retain members. The Association lost 15.6% of the membership through June 23rd of the 2021/22 school year (this percentage does not include those who did not sign their contract agreement by June 30th or others who find jobs in neighboring districts this summer). Show up at the Board meeting to fight for FCEA students to have the best teachers. Invite FCUSD parents to the meeting and WEAR RED TO SUPPORT EDUCATION! Please speak (2-3 minutes, alone or in a group) during general comments to tell the district why educators' needs must be met to retain employment at FCUSD. Reminder: members and parents can leave after the general public comments. In solidarity, The Bargaining Team - Meg Hanley, Debbie Krikourian, Mike Lobitz, Kristina Messersmilth, Tracy Suter, Amy Wallace, and Kevin Wheeler

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