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A Sea of Red & a Bubble of Hope

Last night fellow teachers wore red and wore it proud. Thank you for coming out on such a sad week for teachers throughout the district who knew Michelle and know Aaron. FCEA is keeping Aaron in our prayers and thoughts as he goes through this life altering event. There is a post on our webpage on how to help out the family, please view it.

As I stated last night, the bargaining team will present their offer and the district will be presenting their recalculated offer. I just hope they have come to the understanding that as the district costs rise, so do ours and our COLA raise, even if it was the entire 8.22%, it would not keep up with inflation.

After the meeting on October 11, our bargaining team will be updating you on both sides' offer. If the offer is not reflective of all our hard work and free time given, my bubble will burst, and FCEA will be calling upon you to turn the sea of red into a hurricane.

Our motto stay the same for this year, Our students deserve the best . . . But our teachers deserve the BEST too!

Everyone - take this weekend off and enjoy the rest time.

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