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Update from Sept. 13th Bargaining Meeting

The Bargaining Team prepared the summary located below. Our power to advocate for you rests on your next moves. PLEASE PLAN TO COME TO THE SCHOOL BOARD MEETING SEPT 21. Our full powerpoint response to the district's compensation offer will be presented during the President's report time. Wear red and if you can speak during opening comments section that is helpful too. Your reps will have more suggestions and info by faculty meetings tomorrow.

Summary: Today we met with the district bargaining team and provided them with feedback about their initial offer two weeks ago. We presented a slideshow that provided the district with a percentage of how the budget was being allocated for administration, classified and certificated employee salaries. All groups have received significant salary increases or maintained their percentage of the budget - except for certificated staff. The FCUSD bargaining team seemed to acknowledge, through body language, the reality of the situation. We clearly articulated that their initial offer was insulting and disrespectful. We reviewed current and projected attendance data and found that enrollment and attendance are currently trending upward. With this in mind, we urged FCUSD to “sharpen their pencils”, review the math and come back to the table with a revised offer.

We also discussed reworking the evaluation process so it provides more coaching opportunities and streamlines the process for teachers, administration and Human Resources. Another slideshow presentation reviewed the Community Schools Oversight goals and plan for the year. The last issue we tackled was the proposed 24-25 calendar and provided some feedback that would allow schools flexibility as to how they start the school year. Submitted by Peter L and Mike L and entire bargaining team.

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