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TA Vote Passed

The election for the Tentative Agreement closed at 8 am this morning (December 4, 2023). Thank you to all who voted: 771 members voted (nearly 200 more than we’ve had before and even with more members as the district grows, this demonstrates a large increase in membership engagement). Tentative Agreements have to pass with 55%, this one passed with 63%. This is lower than previous TAs and reflects the mixed feelings we all have about this round of bargaining. While the bargaining team and executive board truly believes this is the best we could do given the circumstances, it is important that everyone realizes this is not done. This agreement buys us time to utilize our membership engagement strategically in order to turn around the budgeting process in the future. FCEA members are a fundamental part of the education process, second only to students, and it is critical that that be recognized and that our compensation be prioritized accordingly from the beginning of the budgeting process. Stay tuned - following the next Rep Council on January 23rd and in this blog we will have more information for you on how to obtain our ultimate goal of flipping the budgeting process, as well as ongoing updates next year as we work on the benefits portion of our compensation package which the TA left open for bargaining in 2024-25.

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