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Sept. 21 -FCEA response to district compensation offer and more

There were several topics of interest to teachers Thursday night. Hopefully I captured all the names and comments of teacher speakers correctly -approximate time in parenthesis. Thank you to all who were visible and audible in their red shirts tonight and big shout out to those who stayed until the end and continued to provide teacher input on discussion topics.

  • First comment came from Michelle [6:15] who wanted to talk about impacts of full day K on traffic/parking lot safety and the impact of full day on teachers with large classes and minimal prep time.

  • Tony R, Vista presented FCEA's response [14:50] from our last bargaining session since both the FCEA president and bargaining chair were at a leadership conference. Watch the full 10 minute presentation and watch Tony nail the data and the commentary to capture our response to their offer.

  • The district shared their contract openers for the 23-24 school year at which time teachers could comment. Melanie P, FMS [34:00] spoke for alot of us when she shared her dismay at once again having to take time away from family to beg for a raise and dismay that their offer didn't even cover cost of inflation her family experiences despite state COLA of 8.22%. Dianna Z, Mitchell [35:14] Said her students use pencil so they can correct their mistakes -offered the board her pencil so they could fix their error.

  • District reviewed the Board Policy [31:00] on cell phones for TK - 8th grade. Note in addition to approving language updates in pink, they struck out the last part of the green paragraph that specified tools that "may be used" including Yondr bags. Student board members shared that at $15-$30 per bag per student the district cost could be between $300-$600k. Multiple concerns about Yondr bags which led to language being struct from BP. Andi A, FMS [1:05] spoke of the imporvide climate at lunch and less "gross" behavior in locker rooms with phones locked up and said it had made a huge improvement just having admin support for teachers enforcing no cell phone policies.

  • District shared a presentation on the continued roll out to have sites determine how best to spend their supplemental dollars [1:06]. This is a summary of the decision made last spring and a timeline going forward where the process will be overseen by site councils. Look for additional information from Sept. 26th Rep Council meeting talking points. Melanie P, FMS [1:35] spoke out about unfunded need for math intervention in Folsom where roughly 1/3 of students aren't on grade level and in classes of 34 students it is tough to address their needs. Susan K, 5th grade [1:38] spoke passionately and personally on how the new funding model had transformed her job and improved conditions for her kids with reduced class sizes and greater support for student needs.

  • Proposed calendars for 24-25. [1:40] Normally calendars are only open for our comment but next year district is proposing a change in working conditions. Currently we work 184 days (181 instruction, 1 PD, 2 teacher work days); next year they are proposing 185 days (180 instruction, 3 PD, 2 teacher work days); Calendar A & Calendar B. These will be presented at rep council Sept 26th and brought back to your site with more information and for your input. Will not return as an action item on the board agenda until Oct 19th. Tony R, Vista [1:49] recommended we also decouple spring break from Easter holiday as many colleges and some districts currently do. Jennifer J, Sundahl [1:50] offered an alternative perspective. Concerns were also expressed about whether teacher work days would become default meetings days - as bargaining chair I can assure you we will not let go of the currently contract language that gives teachers a work day free of meetings.

IF LINKS for BP, and CALENDARs don't open go to the agenda linked on district web page.

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