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Report from the school board meeting on Oct. 19

Here is the link to the you tube recording of last night's meeting.

  • Thank you to the crowd who braved the heat for the pre-meeting rally. Pizza, lots of water on ice and a great turn was lovely seeing everyone there. At 6 the board room was packed and the crowd continued into the lobby and (I'm told) the parking lot.

  • So many of your colleagues spoke passionately about their students and jobs. We love our students but the toll this job takes on teachers is at times heartbreaking. We hear you and collectively we can fight for ourselves and each other. Watch all their comments from 6:15 - 32:00 of the recording.

  • The official presentation of FCEA's counter starts at the 48:30 and ends at the 1 hour mark. Bottom line, FCUSD needs to change how it budgets for teachers. LCFF funding is intended for the education of the current year's students. When the district receives an increase in this funding (COLA, more enrollment, improved attendance rates) then a reasonable amount needs to be set aside for teacher salaries. We deserve to be a planned for and intentional part of their budget not an afterthought or dependent of potentially meeting all the "ifs" of their contingency offer to get paid for the work we would have already done.

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