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Regular Board Meeting: February 1, 2024

Thank you to the Cordova High teachers who were in attendance tonight. Link to video.

Here are some Highlights:

  • 22:00 President Sansenbach’s speech

  • 25:35 Presentation about the wonderful programs offered at  Walnutwood HS and Innovations Academy

  • 1:00 - 2:11 Presentation, discussion and eventual vote in favor of CHS long awaited fencing.

  • 2:12 - 3:04 Presentation on TK updates for 23-25 and direction on Montessori at Sundahl

  • 3:06 - 3:57 Superintendent search update/decisions from school board including keeping the interview process in April “closed”.  Look for links to the survey and to zoom sessions emailed out Monday February 5th to make your voice and preferences heard.

  • 3:58  Update on CA budget as well as FCUSD budget

  • From closing comments, Superintendent Koligian will be reaching out to Vista students who have been coming to board meetings to advocate for Indigenous Peoples Day and to the Native American Parent Advisory Committee (NAPAC) advocating to bring a  Native American Indian Education Program to FCUSD with funding available through Title VI

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