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Nov 2, 2023

Thank you to everyone who has taken time away from their families (or from grading papers, lesson planning, etc., etc., etc.) to attend the last two board meetings. If you've wondered if anyone notices, the statement from the board David Reid read into the record and the board members’ comments at the end say they’ve heard you. FCEA President Sansenbach, the executive board, bargaining team and I have heard you too. Particular thanks to all the teachers who spoke at the last two board meetings. You break my heart as you explain to the world the sacrifices you make for your job and the hurt you are feeling - know that you speak also for all of your exhausted and fed up colleagues. Thank you, T. Suter

Here is the link to the board meeting on zoom.

  • Public comments went from 1:14 to 2:11, sandwiched between our member (and child of) comments are some commentary regarding SFID#3 which also expressed support for teachers.

  • David Reid read into the record a statement from the board 2:14

  • President Sansenbach’s speech is at 2:18 -2:22

  • Most of the board members closing reports were pertinent to our concerns starting with the Rancho Cordova student board member Van Merrill at 3:54

News Coverage:

Bargaining resumes Wednesday Nov 8th - the bargaining team will post a report into the Bargaining Blog following that meeting.

Lastly, a few members called out district personnel for being on their phones during public statements. Sean Martin asked that we pass along the following: “I wanted to first apologize if the teachers believed that I was not paying attention to their comments. Please allow me to clarify that due to the TV cameras being located behind us this evening, we were unable to use our laptops. One of my duties is to take notes during the Board Meetings for any items that staff need to follow up on or generate questions. I was doing this work by taking notes on paper and then inputting them in my phone since I could not use my laptop. The team looks forward to continuing toward a positive outcome to negotiations.”

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