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Message from the Bargaining Team

As the state mandates for all things COVID, the team will continue to bargain impacts on the membership as we begin a new school year. Please click on the link and answer the survey questions. Please check each title to make sure you should be answering the questions in the section. For instance, “All Must Answer” means all members should fill out the questions below the title, but if the section reads, “Elementary Only”, ONLY ELEMENTARY members answer in these sections. Skip those sections which do not pertain to you.

We need all unit members to take the survey to know what areas of the contract should be bargained for 2022/2023. Based upon answers given, the representative council will be given the results of the survey in order to “Sunshine” the articles to be bargained for the 2022/2023 school year. The survey begins as soon as you receive it and ends at noon on August 23, 2021. Please feel free to share the link with those who may not have their email updated for FCEA. Thank you.

Respectfully FCEA Bargaining Team, Meg Hanley, Debbie Krikourian, Ed Marin, Kristina Messersmith, Dona’ Navarro, Shelly Richards, Tracy Suter, Amy Wallace, and Kevin Wheeler

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