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Journal Entry #3

Week 5 - September 8, 2023

Last weekend was a much needed three-day weekend because we are twenty-three days into the school year, and many of you are already feeling like it is March. On top of everything, was the offer of compensation that was not only disheartening but downright absurd, especially the contingency language for more money. I have no words to describe the way I felt when the offer went across the table. But, I am very proud of the stoic faces of the bargaining team lead by Tracy Suter. You will hear more about the next steps in Tracy’s bargaining updates, so please read the newsletter coming out on Monday.

One positive outcome was the MOU regarding evaluations. I will be working with Tracy in conjunction with a small district team to craft a preliminary process. This will be a dramatic difference from the old process which is why we granted ourselves two years to get this right. In the future, we will be piloting whichever process we come up with. My hope for the evaluation process is to become a pathway teachers can improve their practices and accept coaching no matter how many years of experience. If we take a page from professional athletics or public figures, they have coaching throughout their careers to make them the best they can be. I believe that we should expect no different.

Last night at the board meeting, Folsom Middle School gave a wonderful presentation on “Making Connections” that highlighted their PE Buddy program that is now moving into other curriculum areas. This program matches students with needs with general education students for a better understanding of each other. It was wonderful hearing from both “buddies”, and what they gained by their experiences. I hope to hear more about the program and possibly the spread to other middle schools and high schools. Please watch the presentation.

One last item, I have asked the district if they could have the training company stop sending reminders to those members who have completed their mandatory training. Hopefully the emails will stop soon. For those veterans who have not started, Mandatory Child Abuse & Homeless training are due by September 17, 2023. All other mandatory training is due by October 31, 2023. New teachers should have completed their mandatory training.

Have a restful weekend and hug someone special in your life.

FINAL Annual Notice in TE from DO PSW Training ALL Employees (2)
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