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Fresno vs FCUSD

Fresno has been in the news for at the last minute avoiding a strike and getting a substantial raise. This has also led to questions about why we aren’t asking for more. Comparing districts is tough, but in the table below is a summary of some comparison data. LCFF funding is based on unduplicated pupil counts/percentages, and that is where the majority of our salary comes from within the district budget. Districts with higher counts of unduplicated pupils get additional funding in the form of concentration grants.

Because our district has not been prioritizing our raises at the front end of the budgeting process, it has left us constantly trying to figure out where money is going and too often wearing matching t-shirts and pouring our hearts out at school board meetings. This fall the bargaining team combed through the district budget and tied our raise to where the money is. From comments made by board members at the last meeting and thanks to all of your efforts at the last two meetings I think we are making progress on the longer term goal of getting FCUSD to take their budget increases from the state and build in reasonable increases to FCEA members. In the short term, we’ll find out Wed Nov 8th if your voices were heard.

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Kelly Fisher
Kelly Fisher
Nov 13, 2023

The Union should look at Fresno Unified‘s pay schedules to see if they are compatible to FCUSD. Fresno has a pretty high starting salary.

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