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First FCEA News: August 28th

Look for link to Deb's ask for compensation last spring and for the RSVP to the membership event on Sept. 6th. If you didn't get the copy sent via action network to your home email check your spam folder first. If that still doesn't help contact your site rep with your home email and they can work with us to make any additions or corrections to our app. Tracy

FCEA newsletter
Download PDF • 83KB

note - link to our financial ask seems to be missing in 404 is a copy of Deb's Bargaining bits from May with a link

that should work.

Bargaining Bits 5.23
Download PDF • 5.65MB

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Look for bargaining update and information to prepare for Thursday's School Board Meeting FCEA News #4

Links should work this week. Look for a quick survey to get member response to district compensation offer as well as a link to a calendar of all school board meetings.

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