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Final Bargaining Report for 2023-24,

Updated: May 15

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The teams met for the last time this school  year on Wednesday May 8.

MOUs completed:

  • Updated Community Schools.  Revised number of meetings and some meeting titles to provide clarity and to respond to the actual experiences from our first funding year.  RCE and CGE will receive implementation funding starting 2024-25.  CHS did not receive the implementation grant but it is currently being appealed.  Community Schools represent a change in mindset and part of that includes finding ways to benefit all schools in the community, not just those receiving direct funding.

  • Updated Family Support Facilitator -moved this from D4 to D5 to allow for repeated sessions/stipend

  • Updated Air Force ROTC funding to reflect updated DOJ requirements.

  • Updated Agriculture and Culinary Stipends - funded through CTE grants

  • Updated Secondary CTE Stipends - funded through CTE grants

  • (new) CTE TEacher Salary Placement/clarifying job description:  the CTE credential does not require a bachelor’s degree our previous language did.  This clarification opens the door to hiring CTE teachers previously blocked by existing language.  

MOUs revisited:

  • Revisited Elementary PE Inclusion Model MOU #15 from the April meeting.  MOU remains unchanged, but additional meetings are being held to be sure that the additional time does not adversely affect PE teachers or individual school schedules.  Both teams requested a follow up report on this in September.

MOUs revised at the table pending final reading before signing:

  • Comprehensive High School Supervision - after hearing reports back from sites, additional language was crafted at the table.  The pilot process has already begun at some sites.  Final draft should be complete by Monday May 12.

  • Equity Leaders - the goal is to provide fair and comparable stipends to equity leaders whether they are certificated or classified.  Some additional language adjustments added at the table.  Final draft should be complete by Monday May 12.

  • Benefits - This outlines the one year agreement to offer Nonstop to all employees as well as stipend amounts to offset the increases related to this shift in benefits.  FCEA added some additional language to codify that MERP belongs to current employees.  Final draft should be complete by Thursday May 16. UPDATE: Benefits has created a late and overwhelming number of moving pieces that need to be completed. We are working on a joint communication with the District that will let everyone know what the "bridge" dollar amounts will look like while we finalize the language regarding issues not related to the one time monies. Please be patient - everyone is working very hard to get your the information you want as quickly as we can.

Finally, a written draft of the process for building a new evaluation model during the 2024-25 school year.  It outlined 4 subcommittees and their charge and a timeline/process for next year.  This information will be shared at principals meetings and through FCEA Rep Council Tuesday May 14.  FCEA will be sending out a google form for teachers interested in participating in the various subcommittees via the final two newsletters/action network emails and will resend in August.  

Bargaining Team

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