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Board Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings - August 25, 2023

Another week has passed, and I hope that school life is settling down a bit. I have been out visiting some sites and getting to know some teachers a little better. There are a few items that you need to be informed about.

Firstly, on Monday, I attended the Special Board. This meeting focused on the feasibility of passing bonds in area SFID 4 (Rancho), SFID 5 (Folsom), & SFID 3 (Folsom Ranch and the undeveloped area of Rancho). It was decided to shelf SFID 5 until 2026 and TBA for SFID 3. The reason for this decision is both areas still have monies from their last bond, and the focus must be on the current schools in Rancho (SFID 4). The district decided to continue with a feasibility report which will be presented on October 9th. If you teach or work in this area, especially live in this area, it would be good for you to attend this Special Board Meeting. The bond would access $60.00 per $100,000 of assessed value of housing, not sure how apartments work. It would raise 145 million dollars for time. There was talk about two different measures to increase revenue, but the feasibility group didn’t think that was a great idea.

As far as our involvement, I am researching the appropriate steps to find out if an association or as a PAC can be involved. I do know that before we do anything, we will survey all teachers to see your opinion about this issue.

Last night, I attended the regular board meeting. It was lackluster, short, and to the point. It ended at 7:25ish; the shortest meeting on record I think. A noteworthy statement was by student board member, Matthew Mellijor. He requested that we hire more counselors to help out all students, but noted that this was an especially busy time for them due to college applications being due in the next few months. So, Vista teachers, if you see this impressive young man - give him a big shout out from FCEA.

Lastly, there are several new teachers who were unable to attend the new orientation or were hired after the event. If you are one of these individuals or if you know of any who didn’t receive the New Teaching Folder, please reach out. I will drop one by or send one in the district email for them.

The best way to contact me is

Remember to look for the FCEA newsletter that will be sent out on Monday. This is the way to RSVP for the first social of the year, hope to see you there!

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