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Board Meeting - This Thursday!

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

This Thursday, September 21, the District Board Meeting will be held. I know that Tracy sent out some talking points for you if you would like to email or speak to the district’s offer. I believe you will have to wait until the agenda item of FCUSD sunshine letter, since it includes the piece of compensation. Once you check in with Rochelle to speak, ask.

However, there may be a few other areas of interest that you may want to speak to during the meeting.

  1. The 2024 - 2025 Calendar. I will be speaking more about this next week to the Rep Council, so please stay tuned.

  2. Lori & Angie, & Jim will be presenting on the ways that site money was spent. My question to all of you - did the site council meet, come up with goals and have a consensus on the manner of the funds being spent or did the admin “highly” recommend how the money was to be spent, and it was rubber stamped by the council. This is your opportunity to really get involved at your sites and have a voice in how funds are being allocated. Please read the presentation and ask the teacher(s) who are on your site council the process by which these decisions were made. Hopefully, the teachers and educational partners had a true voice in this process.

Tracy and I won’t be able to attend due to a conflict with the Region 2 Conference, but we will be listening.

Speak - Loud and Proud, “District - Sharpen Your Pencils and Try Again”.

Jeannette Sansenbach

FCEA President

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