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December 14th School Board Meeting - pdf link should be fixed now

Thank you to SMS and FMS teachers who came out to represent all of us at the board meeting. Here is the you tube link and below are some items and time marks that may of particular interest to our members.

Final note - if you saw the Early Retirement Incentive MOU in our resources section - the deadline was changed by the board last night to January 19th

  • Starting at 1:11 you can see the voting to reorganize the board. New board President is Tim Hooey, VP Jennifer Laret, and Clerk David Reid.

  • 1:42 Recognition of the state champion FHS Football Team Coaches (all fall sports athletes will be recognzied in January)

  • Starting at 1:52, heartfelt support for Sundahl's Montessori program including from current 3-6 year old participants as well as parents, graduates and staff

  • 2:51 President Sansenbach's report to the board

  • 2:56 announcement of Dr. Garcia as Mitchell Principal.

  • 3:04 Outline of a joint effort by ELOP, Community Schools and the Roberts Family Development Center to bring Freedom Schools as a pilot to FCUSD this summer.

  • 3:40 Instead of approving a contract for fencing CHS, the board sent it back to the safety committee and SAB for additional input and to see if cost could be lowered.

  • 3:59 Middle School Principals and Kinney/Prospect Principal presented follow up report from surveys of staff, parents and students on this year's new cell phone policy

  • 4:36 Sean Martin had two budget related presentations. 1st interim report that shows actual expenditures vs budgeted for the first time. Second report had two notatable items for members

  • 5:05 Check out the PDF in the board agenda for the amount of your site supplemental dollars for 2024-25 [pdf link should be fixed now but if not you can find it under the board agenda XIIb]

  • 5:13 Explanation of new plan to set aside 90% of increase due to anticipated COLA in out-going years where we don't have a bargained settlement. (same pdf as above)This does represent a good-faith effort to address one of our major concerns this fall when we were left to the back end of the budgeting process

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